Recent Releases

Introducing “I’m Here for a Purpose,” a book written by LaDonna Greiner about her hiking experiences while photographing the awe of nature in the Ozarks and beyond. In spell-binding detail, she tells of her adventures. From gripping alligator encounters to surviving a January night on Taum Sauk Mountain amidst rain, lightning and freezing winds. Each page keeps you engaged, eager to discover what nature has in store. 

 Accompanying this compelling story are nearly 100 photographs that vividly capture the essence of her adventures. Each image attest to the beauty and unpredictability of the wilderness she explores.

I’m Here for a Purpose is more than a book; it’s an invitation to learn and experience the wonders of nature alongside a adventurous explorer. Join LaDonna on this remarkable journey, where each step is a purposeful stride into heart of nature.

“I couldn’t stop reading it, I had to know what happened next,” T. Likes

Other Recent Releases include photographs that are a stunning addition to any home or office.

These include signed, numbered Limited Edition prints and signed Open Edition prints.

Immerse yourself in the realism that LaDonna’s photographs evoke. Let them serve as a daily reminder of the incredible wonders that surround us. Display these stunning life-like photographs in your living or working space to create an atmosphere of joy, contentment and wonder — a visual escape to serene landscapes, vibrant colors, and the untamed beauty of nature. 

Choose to surround yourself with the extraordinary – LaDonna’s photographs are not just images; they are windows into a world of natural marvels waiting to adorn your surroundings.

“I’m so happy with Mystic Morning. I feel calm and at peace when I look at it. I have several of her photos, they are my escape to nature.” Sharon T.

“We’ve visited Alley Springs with our kids and friends several times. It |Summertime at Alley Spring| brings back cherished memories.”      Jason M.

Open Editions

Welcome to a Journey of Inspiration: Discover captivating images of the Ozarks and beyond that may seem familiar. Elevate your living spaces with life-like metal prints, seamlessly bring the essence of the outdoors inside. It’s a refreshing breath of air that transforms your surroundings.

Stunning Gifts: Discover the perfect present for friends and loved ones—a thoughtful and unique gift that promises fond memories for years to come. Whatever the occasion, our curated collection offers a timeless, heartfelt way to show you .

 Décor that Strikes Awe: Reflect your own unique style and preferences with these remarkably vivid prints on metal. Create a cohesive story with a collection or display them individually, either way, you’re sure to add a touch of character and conversation to your home décor. Your walls, your choice – personalized ambiance that speaks to you and your delights.



“I want the viewer to experience the same awe and appreciation that I do.”

“I prefer realism in my photography, meaning I do not edit my photographs extensively. Instead, I take a minimalist approach.

Why tamper with perfection, or imperfection? The earth is beautiful and majestic just the way God created it; that is what I want to capture. Pure. True. Natural beauty.”

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